Creating Certainty with a Fully-Enclosed And Protected Underground Reservoir

  • Unprecedented control - full control over your water and your rights
  • Rapid deployment - from concept to implementation in 30 months or less
  • The most cost effective solution
  • Secure - safe from contamination and evaporative losses
  • Low environmental impact – little intrusion on land use and surrounding water flow
  • Scalable - 1,000 to 100,000 acre feet
  • Custom – designed for your unique hydrology and geology

Storage Is Critical To Water Management. Porosity Storage Is The Superior Solution!

A Porosity Storage Reservoir (PSR) walls in a portion of a natural alluvial deposit, creating a fully-enclosed and protected reservoir of water that will be there when you need it.

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A PSR creates certainty and eliminates the problems inherent with traditional water storage solutions that take too much time and are costly and environmentally destructive.



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How It Works – Proven Techniques Applied To a Breakthrough Total Solution

Building a PSR creates a reservoir in a natural alluvial deposit. Your water circulates through existing alluvium enclosed by slurry walls. Nature has already provided the ground, let a PSR use it to your advantage and create certainty with your water.


PSRs can be built quickly and at lower cost than traditional options. When you build a PSR below ground rather than building a dam above ground, you shave as much as 10 to 15 years off the time to implement your project. And when you let the natural geology of the land clean and protect your water, you reduce water treatment costs. (See a Comparison of PSRs and Traditional Water Storage)

*Got your water rights secured and ready to go?


You can have a Porosity Storage Reservoir designed & operational in as little as 9 months!


Porosity Storage Reservoirs Solve Many Common Water Planning Challenges

Porosity Storage Reservoirs are constructed using a set of techniques that can solve a remarkably varied range of water planning challenges - from simply adding storage capacity and drought protection to existing systems, to providing increased system life for water pipelines - creating a fast and large-scale secure water supply for many industrial or commercial uses.


Secure Your Water Future Now - At Today’s Costs!

The reputation that dams have for going beyond their schedules and over budget is well-earned. The World Commission on Dams reports that while half of dams meet their project deadlines, the remainder are delayed from 1 to 2 years to more than a decade. Moreover, nearly every water supply dam overruns its budget by 25 to 100%.


Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) can suffer from lack of control of the water introduced into the aquifer. Return of actual stored water is increasingly uncertain with time. Water treatment costs related to ASR projects can be exhorbitant and your lack of control over the amount of water you can extract leaves many to conclude that ASR projects are not worth implementation.


Porosity Storage Reservoirs (PSRs) give you the best attributes of open reservoirs and ASR projects without their inherent risks and uncertainties. Don't gamble your future when a better solution is available, often in less than 30 months. (See a Comparison of PSRs and Other Underground Water Storage.)

*Got your water rights secured and ready to go?


You can have a Porosity Storage Reservoir designed & operational in as little as 9 months!

Porosity Storage Reservoirs Support Sovereign and Sustainable Tribal Communities

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