Affecting global change through a sustainable solution
to combat the world’s growing water crisis.

We acknowledge the undeniable importance of access to water as essential to the survival of our planet and offer solutions that will allow governments, companies and individuals to securely store their water, with dominion and control, without evaporation.

Porosity Storage Reservoirs

The Advantages of Our Technology

The benefits of our underground water storage technologies far outweigh those of traditional pit reservoirs. Our reservoirs eliminate evaporation, are cost effective, and are virtually un-obstructive to the natural environment.

Reliable Underground
Water Storage

Porosity Storage technology facilitates sustainable, underground water storage solutions which minimize water evaporation and produce a dependable supply.

Water Conservation
of Our Future

The scarcity of water is an ever-growing problem in the United States and around the world. Porosity Storage offers technologies that help plan for a sustainable future.

About Porosity Storage

What We Do

Our reservoirs are custom designed to fit your unique property taking into account hydrology and geology. They are scalable from 1,000 to 100,000 acre feet. We can create fully enclosed and protected underground water storage vessels that will help you reduce water costs, protect your water from evaporation, and create a dependable water supply.
We create fully enclosed underground water reservoir vessels of various sizes to suit your needs and your unique geology.


Underground Water Storage Reservoirs for
Commercial, Municipal, Industrial and Residential applications

Municipality & Water Districts

Affords “Dominion and Control” of the water stored

Tribal Nations

Maximizes water-entitlements seniority of beneficial water usage


Contemporaneous surface-utilization for farming activities coupled with subsurface water storage

Conservation Community

Minimizes water-evaporation losses and captures river flow “free water”


Protects the water supply. Can be incorporated into flood control.


Intellectual property of Porosity Storage is protected by numerous US patents.


Feds Impose Deeper Water Cuts Amid Drought, Overuse

Feds Impose Deeper Water Cuts Amid Drought, Overuse

The Colorado River runs out of water after crossing into Mexico on July 6, 2022, in Mexicali, Baja California. The river’s natural path becomes only sand and weeds less than a mile after crossing the border in Mexicali, Mexico. By CONRAD...

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